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About Real Time MCS

We aim to respond to the complex business challenges our clients are facing. We adopt a global approach spanning professional disciplines, industry sectors and national borders.

Realtime MCS teams up with its client to first perform a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) assessment of the process to be outsourced. This LSS initial procedure helps our client to quickly discover and eliminate steps that are flawed and/or inefficient.

The agreed process is documented in detail to establish the baseline for the outsourced process and is the basis for monitoring quality of the outsourced process.

The outsourced process needs to evolve over time as the client’s market operating environment changes and new technology becomes available. Contrary to BPO common practice, RealtimeMCS does not charge for any revision to clients outsourced process. Having created a path (LSS) for future long term process improvements, RealtimeMCS’s employees work closely with our client to continuously improve the outsourced process as our clients requirements evolves.

All outsourced task are meticulously tracked over the web. Proper signoff and handshake for every single time and every single task to ensure CONSISTENTENCY IN QUALITY and TIMELY DELIVERY.


RealtimeMCS Mission is to understand business goals of Clients and provide solutions which gives them competitive edge. To equip ourselves with highly skilled talent and latest technology to delight customer with our offerings


Our strong bonding with clients and continuous client patronage has encouraged us to grow and explore new dimensions within our core domain of services.

Our approach is driven by operational excellence, commitment, integrity, knowledge sharing and working in partnership with businesses. Providing quality services has been the main cornerstone of our success.

Our Team

Puneet Gupta
Amit Singal
Vibhuti Aggarwal